Food And Beverage

This section will feature Philippine food and beverage suppliers and businesses. We will feature authentic Filipino food products for both the local and exporting markets. Additionally, we will post … [Food And Beverage]


Here we will have collectible products and businesses for trading. This is a more fun and a lighter side of ManilaTrade where we will feature collectibles and other novelty items both for importing … [Collectibles And Novelty]

Aquaculture And Fish Products

This business section contains everything about Philippine fish products and the aquaculture business. We will have the latest news, import and export trade information as well as … [Fish Products And Aquaculture]

Electronics And Gadgets

This section features electronics and gadgets made in the Philippines. You can expect to see the high tech products as well as news on the latest gadgets made locally. This industry is actually the …[Electronics And Gadgets]

Woodcrafts And Furniture

Here we will feature different woodcraft and furniture suppliers from the Philippines. We will also post about the latest furniture designs, stores and industry news. You can … [Woodcrafts And Furniture]

Clothing And Fashion Accessories

This section exhibits our locally made clothing and fashion accessories. We will display products like jewelries, shoes, clothes, bags and watches made in the Philippines. We will feature latest Pinoy … [Clothing And Fashion Accessories]

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