Apicuria Honey-Based Natural Throat Soother And Cough Remedy

Apicuria Honey Throat Soother

We asked Mr. Theodore Yangco how Apicuria started through his fascination of nature.

Theodore: Curiosity about insects and how nature works —that was how Apicuria began, some 20+ years ago.  When I was little, I would catch different types of insects and study them.  I know which ones were foul-smelling or those who would sting.  And obviously, bees do sting – only if you disturb them.  Fast forward, while I was driving around Mindanao for a new business venture, I came across a bee farm.   I was so enthralled; my childhood memories of playing with insects were awakened.  I had an idea.  With a background in pharmaceutical sales, in my mind, was a bee-product that was related to help relieve an ailment; thus, Apicuria (Api = bee, Curia = cure) was realized.

From that idea, I contacted the owner of the bee farm and went through hands on beekeeping trainings.  I joined conventions of beekeepers where I met very helpful beekeeping experts.  I read a lot of books and materials not just for beekeeping but also for formulating products.  I joined the GK Business Summit where I was further inspired to pursue this venture, not just for myself but also for the people I will be able to help as my enterprise grows.

Natural Honey Product - Apicuria

What makes Apicuria so unique?

It’s not that consumers are afraid of using synthetic medicines.  But what consumers need is a product that can be used anytime for relief of minor ailments that does not need a prescription because it comes from a natural source therefore safe to use – and that’s Apicuria.

The use of bee products such as honey and propolis for different ailments dates back from the ancient civilizations and confirmed by modern medicine.  Apicuria throat soother helps relieve throat and mouth irritation, cough, canker sores (“singaw”) and halitosis (“bad breath”). It’s a natural throat relief used by singers, teachers, TV / radio personalities, smokers and for people who have minor throat ailments.

Aside from its benefit to patients, Apicuria, being a product of a s social enterprise working with GK Enchanted Farm, is connected social mission which is to help farming communities by providing the economic opportunities through beekeeping.

If consumers are not getting your products what are they missing out on?

They are missing out on the opportunity to relieve their mild cough/ throat and mouth irritation, canker sores and halitosis using a natural, therefore safe product.

Apicuria Natural Honey Cough Remedy

Interested in Apicuria? 

It’s currently available at:

  • www.wearejuan.ph
  • www.facebook.com/marketaph
  • www.facebook.com/MyDivisoriaPhilippines
  • Be Good Store at ABS CBN Quezon City
  • The Green Company – Kapitolyo, Banawe, San Juan
  • CO/OP – San Juan
  • Now available in all Human Nature stores nationwide
For interested distributors and business ventures please contact:

Contact Name: Theodore Yangco

Business Email: tjyangcoTBE@gmail.com

Social Media Address: www.facebook.com/apicuria

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