Sugpo Or Prawn Farming And Exporting

Prawn Farming Featured

Prawns or “Sugpo” have a universal appeal not just here in the Philippines, but globally. With new technologies on prawn farming, the prawn industry continuous to grow, regaining investors confidence in prawn farming. I find this prawn aquaculture really quite adaptable to us Filipinos and there are quite a number of benefits as well. New [...]

Milkfish Or Bangus Aquaculture In The Philippines, Occidental Mindoro

Bangus Milkfish Featured

Milkfish or “Bangus” sometimes pronounced as “Bangos” is the main aquaculture product of the Philippines. It is the most popular seafood dish among Filipinos. Its best characteristic is its adaptability to its environment. It can survive in confined fresh or brackish water fish pens and marine cages. The Bangus is a tough and sturdy fish [...]