Updated Philippine Coconut Products Supplier List


We have compiled this list in ManilaTrade due to the high demand for information looking for Philippine coconut suppliers. The producers and manufacturers posted below will be verified every quarter to make sure that the suppliers and their product listings are up to date. Suppliers who are inactive or are reported as non-reliable will be [...]

Kitchen Witchery: Filipino Spices And Condiments


Kitchen Witchery is a Philippine company that aims to supply top-quality processed spices and condiments to domestic and international markets through both B2B and B2C channels. It plans to be known as one of the outstanding small producers of all-natural items that will satisfy the customers taste and budget. Why and how did Kitchen Witchery [...]

Apicuria Honey-Based Natural Throat Soother And Cough Remedy


We asked Mr. Theodore Yangco how Apicuria started through his fascination of nature. Theodore: Curiosity about insects and how nature works —that was how Apicuria began, some 20+ years ago.  When I was little, I would catch different types of insects and study them.  I know which ones were foul-smelling or those who would sting. [...]

Business Ideas Philippines: 10 Modern Businesses For OFWs

Mga Modernong Negosyo Para Sa OFWs

OFWs are considered as modern day heroes because of the their contribution to the growth of the economy. They earn much more abroad compared to their local counterparts here in the Philippines. However, lots of Pinoy workers abroad dream to come home and start their own investments here so can they be with their families. [...]

Enjoy The Sweet Life With The Benefits Of Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar Benefits

It’s safe to assume that most of us are already familiar with the harmful effects of sugar and high fructose corn syrup on the body, but not many are ready to give up the epicurean pleasure that these two promise. What’s life without some sweetness, right? Can you imagine the atrocity of being sentenced to [...]

Using Coconut Sugar Against Diabetes

Coconut sugar for diabetes

There seems to be no end to all of the goodness that coconut has to offer. True enough, people continue to find new ways to benefit from this all-giving tree. Thanks to Oprah Winfrey-endorsed cardiothoracic surgeon and television personality Dr. Oz, the public has been made aware of yet another great coconut-sourced natural product that [...]

Modern Decorative Wall Clocks

Featured DIY Wall Clock

Need new ideas for your interior design? If you’re looking for fun ways to add color to your living space you can use these DIY stick-on clocks. It’s space saving and is very easy to install. This unique product comes in small, large and over-sized wall clocks which fits perfectly in your office, shop or [...]

Where To Buy Coconut Water? Import Coco Juice From The Philippines!

Buy Imported Coconut Water Philippines

Are you ready to be the next big brand in the coconut water industry? Since my first post regarding the coconut water or “Buko” juice for exporting I have spent months looking for a suitable supplier in the Philippines. After attending a couple trade exhibits and food expos I have found a reliable company that [...]

Philippine Waterless Carwash Product – Washboi


When you’ve got so much to do with your precious time, wouldn’t you want to resort to an easy way to clean your car? Who said it has to be with soap and water? In three simple steps, you can clean your car instantly and the best part — it’s waterless. With this new technology, [...]

Pinoy Made Bamboo Bikes – KawayanTech

Kawayan Tech Bamboo Bikes Featured

Bamboo is a woody evergreen plant that is found all throughout the Philippines. Commonly, it is used for house construction in the provinces and also as a material for decorative items. However, despite bamboo’s many merits, the Philippine government and most local business have yet to tap into the potential offered by this inexpensive renewable [...]