Philippine Coconut Coir Supplier List

AQUINAS FOUNDATION ICPC Product Line: coconut coir Bankerohan, Legaspi City, Albay Tel.: (63.22) 481.0589 Fax: (63.22) 820.4653 Email: Leo Llana, Executive Director ARAMA CORPORATION Product Line: coco peat powder #48 Belmont Drive, Alabang Village, Cupang, Muntinlupa City Tel.: (63.2) 842.931 Fax: (63.2) 842.6931 Email: ASIAPAC INTERNATIONAL COCO TECHNOLOGIES Product Lines: coconut coir, coconut [...]

Apicuria Honey-Based Natural Throat Soother And Cough Remedy


We asked Mr. Theodore Yangco how Apicuria started through his fascination of nature. Theodore: Curiosity about insects and how nature works —that was how Apicuria began, some 20+ years ago.  When I was little, I would catch different types of insects and study them.  I know which ones were foul-smelling or those who would sting. [...]

Modern Decorative Wall Clocks

Featured DIY Wall Clock

Need new ideas for your interior design? If you’re looking for fun ways to add color to your living space you can use these DIY stick-on clocks. It’s space saving and is very easy to install. This unique product comes in small, large and over-sized wall clocks which fits perfectly in your office, shop or [...]

Philippine Waterless Carwash Product – Washboi


When you’ve got so much to do with your precious time, wouldn’t you want to resort to an easy way to clean your car? Who said it has to be with soap and water? In three simple steps, you can clean your car instantly and the best part — it’s waterless. With this new technology, [...]

Philippine Wood Carving And Its Exporting Potential

Woodcarving Philippines

image source – Wood Carving has fascinated a lot of people and Filipinos have been influenced by different cultures that make our woodcraft unique. Different styles and different tastes from our native heritage and culture that make us who we are today. The Philippines has been known for a lot of things, but woodcraft [...]

Organic Skin Care Products By Human Nature Philippines

Human Nature Featured

Whitening powders to lighten the skin. Shampoos to make hair softer and shinier. Colors and tints to give lips a reddish hue. All throughout history, women have used powders, lotions and other potions to fulfill a certain standard of beauty. In the past, however, women used highly dangerous mixtures of arsenic powders, sulfur shampoos, and [...]