Updated Philippine Coconut Products Supplier List


We have compiled this list in ManilaTrade due to the high demand for information looking for Philippine coconut suppliers. The producers and manufacturers posted below will be verified every quarter to make sure that the suppliers and their product listings are up to date. Suppliers who are inactive or are reported as non-reliable will be [...]

Business Ideas Philippines: 10 Modern Businesses For OFWs

Mga Modernong Negosyo Para Sa OFWs

OFWs are considered as modern day heroes because of the their contribution to the growth of the economy. They earn much more abroad compared to their local counterparts here in the Philippines. However, lots of Pinoy workers abroad dream to come home and start their own investments here so can they be with their families. [...]

AnthonyAudio – Quality Hi-Fi Speakers Made In The Philippines


I did a quick interview with the owners of AnthonyAudio a Filipino company focused on creating high quality speakers. Their products are 100% Pinoy-made and can compete with any other international brand without burning a hole in your pocket. AnthonyAudio produces Hi-End, Hi-Fi sound system products that isn’t Hi-Priced. Give us a brief background of [...]

Philippine Banana Production And Exporting

Philippine Bananas Featured

The Philippine banana industry is one of our best agricultural products. Most of the banana producers are found in Mindanao the southernmost island of our country. It started in Davao del Norte around the 60′s and has flourished to eleven provinces with about 50,000 hectares of farmland.  It is estimated that 35 billion pesos is [...]

Sugpo Or Prawn Farming And Exporting

Prawn Farming Featured

Prawns or “Sugpo” have a universal appeal not just here in the Philippines, but globally. With new technologies on prawn farming, the prawn industry continuous to grow, regaining investors confidence in prawn farming. I find this prawn aquaculture really quite adaptable to us Filipinos and there are quite a number of benefits as well. New [...]

Top 10 Philippine Exports For Small To Medium Scale Businesses

Top Philippine Exports

We have compiled a list of the top exports for small-medium scale businesses in the Philippines. If your business is in any way related to the products listed here then the opportunity to grow your business is very promising. The next step is advertising your product to a global audience through our trade community for [...]

Philippine Coconut Water Or Buko Juice For Exporting

Coconut Water Featured

Last May, I visited Thailand for a business meeting with a few of my friends. As we were strolling around the streets of Pattaya and Bangkok I noticed a very familiar drink that was also found in the streets of Manila. It was the healthy coconut juice or “Buko juice” as we call it here [...]

Milkfish Or Bangus Aquaculture In The Philippines, Occidental Mindoro

Bangus Milkfish Featured

Milkfish or “Bangus” sometimes pronounced as “Bangos” is the main aquaculture product of the Philippines. It is the most popular seafood dish among Filipinos. Its best characteristic is its adaptability to its environment. It can survive in confined fresh or brackish water fish pens and marine cages. The Bangus is a tough and sturdy fish [...]