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Whitening powders to lighten the skin. Shampoos to make hair softer and shinier. Colors and tints to give lips a reddish hue. All throughout history, women have used powders, lotions and other potions to fulfill a certain standard of beauty. In the past, however, women used highly dangerous mixtures of arsenic powders, sulfur shampoos, and lead-infused lip color to achieve this goal. These days, beauty products no longer pose a threat to human health — or is that really the case?

Although modern skin care products are no longer made purely out of toxic substances, such as arsenic or lead, some products still contain these or, even worse, include a whole host of chemicals that can also cause adverse health effects. What’s so alarming about these beauty products is that they affect not only the user, but also other people and the environment.

Organic Skin Care Products - Human Nature

Only the Good

In response to the growing awareness of the effects of beauty practices on personal health and that of the Earth, many companies are now offering natural alternatives to commonly used beauty products. Human Nature, a company based in the Philippines, offers organic products that are safe for both users and the environment. The company proudly states that none of their products contain harmful chemicals, and a quick check of their product descriptions reveals that this is true: not only does Human Nature provide a detailed ingredients list for each item, users will also find that the company hardly uses chemicals in their offerings! Indeed, Human Nature aims to give Filipinos (and other people around the world) the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. The company shares, “Most people don’t realize that the products we put on our bodies have as much of an impact on our health as the food we eat or the activities we engage in. Consumers have the CHOICE to make the switch to being 100% free from harmful chemicals and using Only the Good.”

Natural Skin Care Products for Everyone

Human Nature offers a wide range of products, not just for women, but also for men, infants and children. Bestsellers include Human Nature’s 100% natural beauty oil, deodorants, shampoos, face scrubs and more.

The company runs primarily a direct selling system and currently has over 30,000 dealers nationwide. Human Nature also has 23 branches around the country. They are also available in retail, namely in Shopwise, Rustans, Beauty Bar and Landmark.

Natural Skin Care And Beauty Products

Natural Skin Care And Beauty Products

Bringing their Brand to a Global Market

Is it for local and exporting consumers?

Human Nature: “Most people have the misconception that all natural and organic products are expensive. We believe that a healthy lifestyle should not be exclusive only to those who can afford it. Every person has the right to personal care products that are 100% free from harmful chemicals; therefore, we make a conscious effort to price our products very reasonably to everyone can afford them.

Human Nature is first and foremost made by the Filipinos, for the Filipinos. But we believe Human Nature has the potential to go global – our goal is to become one of the first multinational FILIPINO Natural & Organic Personal Care Brands and Social Enterprises. We want to show the world that having a business with heart is indeed feasible. At the moment, we already have an office in the United States. We also have dealers in Malaysia as well as Singapore. ”

Organic Skin Care And Beauty Products

Organic Skin Care And Beauty Products

Why you should go for their Brand

If consumers are not getting Human Nature products what are they missing out on?

Human Nature: “They’re missing out on the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle! Most people don’t realize that the products we put on our bodies have as much of an impact on our health as the food we eat or the activities we engage in. Consumers have the CHOICE to make the switch to being 100% free from harmful chemicals and using Only the Good.

Secondly, they’re missing out on the opportunity to help our country and countrymen simply by purchasing a Human Nature product. Every bottle of shampoo or tub of lotion goes much farther than they realize. It helps improve the lifestyle of our employees; from our farmers to our warehouse staff. ”

Company with a Heart

While it’s great to find a company dedicated to creating products that are safe for people to use, one feature that distinguishes Human Nature from other companies is that it offers more than just healthy alternatives to beauty products: the company was built mainly to help poor communities in the Philippines. In addition to that, it provides many Filipinos across the country the opportunity to earn extra income through its direct selling scheme.

Human Nature is Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment. All products are 100% manufactured in the Philippines. When it comes to formulating their products, they make sure that all the ingredients can be sourced in the country; if not, they make it point that the ingredient can eventually be here. The company has teamed up with numerous social organizations such as Gawad Kalinga, The Aid Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI) and the Philippine Federation for Environmental Concern (PFEC) to develop farms and enterprises that can help multiply the income of Filipino workers. With regard to the environment, the company shares the following message: “We take our responsibility of being nature’s stewards very seriously. All our raw materials are thoroughly researched to ensure that they are naturally derived, are not processed using environmentally toxic processes and do not become toxic when released into the environment after you’re finished with the product or wash it off.”

PRO Philippine Products - Human Nature

PRO Philippine Products - Human Nature

With such a strong commitment to community building and preserving the health of Mother Earth, Human Nature has made it possible for patrons and business partners to not only use healthy, organic skin care products, but also help out fellow Filipinos. True to its name, Human Nature offers a way for people stay connected with nature all while championing humanitarian causes.

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